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We had a great time at our Dawn to Dusk Festival

- here's what we did!


For photos of our fun day out click HERE


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Carie Woods, Rannoch

Sunday 7th May 2017 from 6.30am till 6.30pm

A one-day event to celebrate Rannoch’s Outdoor Space




Lots to do at the Dawn to Dusk Basecamp


Don’t want to walk far? There’s still plenty to do around the Dawn to Dusk Basecamp.


Camp Kitchen

The kettle will be on all day for warm cups of tea or coffee with hot chocolate for the children. We’ll have a hot soup lunch, cakes and snacks during the afternoon and a BBQ at the end of the afternoon. Relax in one of the tents or in the sunshine (we’re hopeful) and simply chat to friends and neighbours.


Kids Kraft Korner

We will have a tent full of woodland themed craft activities for young children and those young at heart.


Bugs & Beasties, come and see what we found!

Bid Strachan of Perth & Kinross Countryside Trust will be helping the young at heart to hunt for bugs and beasties around the small burns at the Dawn to Dusk Basecamp as well as encouraging some woodland den building. A tiny stream but what shows up with a bit of dabbling? What dropped from the trees? Did anything fall into our insect trap?


Self-Guided Trail

Want to walk on your own with your children and follow our Woodland Trail activity sheet? Pick one up from the Kraft Korner Tent or Bugs & Beasties Gazebo. If you borrow a clipboard or crayons for woodland rubbings don’t forget to bring them back for someone else to use.


Rannoch’s Living Woodland Library

“Living Woodland Library” books will be available at the Dawn to Dusk Festival. Just like real books, you can choose from a range of titles and take out a book. Our books however are real people and instead of reading you have a real conversation with them. Rather than scrolling through the pages looking for the info you need you can get straight to the point and just ask!


Meet some of our Living Woodland Library books. Read their stories and find the right book for you.


Woodland Poetry Performance

Creating a magical and mysterious atmosphere, Petra Vergunst, who is a poet and community artist, will perform her poem ‘Embrace’ as she walks through the woods. Why not join her?


Want to help grow Rannoch’s Future?

Sign up to the Rannoch Community Trust and help yourself to a surprise free plant.



Take the bus to the Dawn to Dusk Festival


Why not use the free shuttle bus service operating between Kinloch Rannoch and Carie Woods on Sunday 7th May to get you to and from the Dawn to Dusk Festival?


Buses will leave the Village Square at the following times:


10.00am (Walk: Explore our Woods starts at 10.30am)

11.00am (Walk: Gentle Meander and Geocaching start at 11.30am)

Midday (lunch from 12.30pm)


2.00pm (Walk: Red Squirrels and Geocaching start at 2.30pm)

3.00pm (Walk: Explore our Woods starts at 3.30pm)

4.00pm (BBQ from 4.30pm)



The bus will also stop at the west end gate of the Weller Poley Park (playground end) where there is additional parking.


There will be return shuttles from Carie back to the village from 10.30am (and hourly on the half hour) until 7.30pm.


If you live in the village and need some extra help, please contact Anne Brown on 07771778533 (anne1_b@btinternet.com) to arrange a pick up from your home.


For those wishing to join the Dawn Chorus Walk (starting at 6.30am), an outward and return bus will operate only if pre-booked with Anne Brown by midday on Saturday 6th May







Walks & Activities Disclaimer


1.Welcome and leader introduction

2.Brief Description of route / activity


3.Advice about hazards to expect


4.Overview of Disclaimer

•You and your family participate in this walk or activity at your own risk.

•You are responsible for your own safety.

•If, you are finding the walk or activity difficult in any way or are feeling unwell please tell one of the leaders.

•Please don't leave the walk without telling us.


5.Other advice

•Wear sensible shoes and warm clothes

•Only well behaved dogs on leads will be allowed.

•Ticks and Lyme Disease: After playing or walking in undergrowth or long grass check for small spider-like creatures on yourself and dogs. Remove carefully with tweezers as close to the skin as possible. Do not squeeze. Tick removal tools are available in the Country Store on line or at the vets. Follow the instructions.

•Photographs might be taken during activities to be used in future publicity. Please advise a camp leader (orange tshirt) and sign a form should you not wish to be included.