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6 January 2017


What’s been happening on the Community Plan?



Firstly, we hope you all had an enjoyable festive holiday in Rannoch & Tummel and very best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017! It was great to see so many activities and events happening across the area over the holidays – well done to all of you who have been involved in their organisation.


It has been a few months since you heard from the Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group, but behind the scenes we continue to be busy establishing the foundations on many of the actions outlined in the Community Plan.



our place

We continue to look at how we can develop a community hub(s) that will create a stronger heart to our community either by making better use of existing community space or by designing a new space – a key priority that you told us last year. We held a workshop in October supported by the Big Lottery to look at our existing community places, how we use them and what spaces we might need in the future. Over 20 locals came along to contribute to a very vibrant discussion (on a Sunday morning) and the report should be available very soon. Once we have the final report, we will be looking at approaching funders to receive a grant to undertake a more detailed feasibility / economic study on progressing this project.


our space

We have a number of very active groups working on projects connected with our wonderful natural environment. Some of the key groups have met together to discuss how they can start working on common projects and to prioritise where resources should be allocated.


watch this “our space”!

We have some exciting news to announce in February about an event to “celebrate” our outdoor spaces. This is a brand new project initiated by Anne Benson.


our partners

Following meetings in the summer months with our local councillors and MSPs, we are continuing to develop stronger relationships with some of our key external partners. The CFG met with Bernadette Malone, Chief Executive of Perth & Kinross Council in November. We spent a couple of hours giving her an overview of the plan, the key priorities and some of the challenges faced living in a remote, rural environment. She demonstrated a lot of interest in the positive approach we are taking to community development and we are awaiting a written response from her to be able to share with the community.


We have also been working on a joint project with the Housing & Community Care Service within Perth & Kinross Council. Rannoch & Tummel will be used as a case study as part of their Community Empowerment training for employees. We have collaborated with the PKC team on a joint video which gives an overview of our new Community Development Plan and some of the challenges we face as a remote, rural community. We will also use the video locally with key external stakeholders and to support us with any funding applications. The video will go live this month and we will make a link available to the community. We would like to thank all of those Rannoch Community “stars” who agreed to stand in front of the camera!


our services

It was recognised in the plan and at our community groups meetings in June that accessibility to effective broadband and technology are critical to our sustainability as a community. This has also been discussed in detail at meetings with our MSPs, Councillors and PKC. Gordon Brown is taking a lead role in driving this project forward and has held several meetings with Community Broadband Scotland along with meeting with the Loch Tay Community Broadband Project and potential suppliers for any Community Broadband Service. We also undertook an extensive survey across the community to understand current services and future requirements. The survey has been summarised and is being used as part of the scoping process for our discussions. Unfortunately, we had a few weeks where we found it difficult to make progress partly due to changes ongoing on the approach to broadband provision by the Scottish government. However just before Christmas, we received more positive news. We will be meeting again with senior managers from Community Broadband Scotland and an innovative broadband technology supplier in early February and hope to update the community soon thereafter on what potential solutions for Rannoch & Tummel might be.


our organisation

The Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group will have a new name from 2017 and will be renamed as the Rannoch Community Trust. It was decided to establish the new community organisation as a Company Limited by Guarantee with charitable purposes. It will also seek membership of Development Trust Associations Scotland (DTAS).


We are pleased to let you know that the initial interim Directors of the organisation will be Richard Barclay (Chair), Bob Benson, Gordon Brown, Ali Penman and David Holland who will also act as Company Secretary and Finance Director.


Thank you to all of you who have signed up to be members of the new organisation. We have over 100 full and associate members. We will be in contact shortly to update you on the Articles of Association and how the new organisation will work.


more info?

As you will have read, we have a number of projects where we are awaiting updates or further information. We hope to be able to hold an open event in February/March to update you further and to enable you to ask any questions you might have about progress.


In the meantime, if you do have any questions, please speak to one of the interim directors listed above or email: projects@ourrannoch.co.uk.

25 August 2016

2 August 2016

31 May 2016

Delivering Rannoch’s Sustainable Future

We asked, you told us!

The Rannoch and Tummel Community Fund Group personally delivered copies of the Community Action Plan booklet to all houses in the area during the last two weeks of May. Have you read your copy?


We hope that you found it interesting and that it covers some areas of activity and concern that you feel needs to be addressed locally. The community is working towards a “think big” vision: Delivering Rannoch’s Sustainable Future that expresses many themes raised during our discussions:


• It’s important that we now take action and address the things that will have impact in the long and short term

• We want to include everyone in the Rannoch and Tummel community, visitors and residents

• We want to look after and enhance our natural environment as well as improving the way we live

• We want to become more self-reliant, sustainable and future-proofed so we may have to think more commercially to create stronger assets for the next generation and beyond


We do not stand still in Rannoch and Tummel and many groups and individuals continue to make positive changes in our community. This Action Plan sets out in more detail how we might work together in a more coordinated way to make progress towards our vision over the next 3-5 years.


If you did not get a copy of the brochure, please let us know and we will get one to you. Alternatively, CLICK HERE to see a digital copy.


We would like to invite you to a community event on the evening Friday 23rd June in Kinloch Rannoch Village Hall – please put the date in your diary and we will send you more information soon.


If you have any questions, please email the Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group at projects@ourrannoch.co.uk.



11 March 2016

Update from Rannoch and Tummel Community Fund Group


Since our last community public meeting in December, the group has been really busy putting together the community plan and its publicisation with the Community Enterprise consultancy.


We are now at the final stage of producing two important documents which will be ready for circulation after Easter and before the Scottish Parliament Elections campaigns get underway.


The first main document has over 100 pages. This, along with the much shorter executive summary will shortly be finalised and will be available on-line and hard copies available at key places such as the surgery.


We will also be hand delivering a small printed brochure (leaflet) 'Community Action Plan' to every household in Rannoch and Tummel in early April. Please keep an eye out for it and make sure it doesn't get thrown out with the forthcoming election literature.



23 December 2015

Festive Greetings from the Community Fund Group


We would like to thank all of you for your continuing interest and support as we move nearer to the completion of the Rannoch and Tummel Community Plan.


On 2nd December at a highly successful public meeting with some 70 people, the Chair announced our new vision statement, "Delivering Rannoch's Sustainable Future".


Following a brief introduction those attending were asked to consider a number of themes and projects to be prioritised. These were:


Community cohesion and co-ordination.

Activities for young people.

Support for older people.


Affordable housing for working families.

Local employment opportunities.

Community Hub.

Our outdoors.


All of these had varying degrees of support however the creation of a new build multi-purpose social and business hub for the benefit of the whole community came out strongly.


The next step will be the creation of a project development team to finalise the Community Plan and create a new governing body hopefully by the summer.


We were pleased to announce that Innerhadden Estate has generously gifted a sum of £7,500 as an annual community benefit from their hydro scheme over the next 14 years, which is a significant financial boost for the whole project.


The Community Fund Group wishes you all a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.



20 November 2015

Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group (CFG)

Latest Meeting Minutes


Please find attached the minutes from recent Community Fund Group meetings:


03 SEPTEMBER Click Here


06 OCTOBER Click Here


The minutes for October are from a Public Meeting held to update the community on the Inspiration Visits and Think Big Ideas. Attached are the slides and handouts from the meeting.






Please join us at our next open meeting on Wednesday 2nd December at 7pm in Kinloch Rannoch Village Hall to review the key themes highlighted from all of your feedback and discuss what happens next.