Our Plan

The Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group, with the help of external advisors and the support of a Local Energy Scotland CARES grant, consulted with the community over a number of months during 2015. This involved surveys, group discussions, individual interviews and several public events. This provided input to the Rannoch & Tummel Community Development Plan which was published and distributed in May/June 2016 to all residents, businesses and key partners.


The Rannoch & Tummel Community Fund Group has now been superceded by the new Rannoch Community Trust, a constituted body listed as a Company Limited by Gurantee with Companies House Scotland (554361 12 January 2017). The interim directors of this organisation are Richard Barclay (Chair), David Holland (Company Secretary / Finance), Bob Benson, Gordon Brown & Ali Penman.


The communty brochure “Delivering Rannoch’s Sustainable Future. We asked, you told us!” was hand delivered in May 2016 to all properties in the Rannoch & Tummel area by the Community Fund Group. It has also been issued to recipients of the community enewsletter.

The Development Plan Summary brochure “Delivering Rannoch’s Sustainable Future” will be sent to key stakeholders during the summer of 2016. It is also available digitally for the community.


The full copy of this report is available digitally on request with hard copies for reference at the Kinloch Rannoch Medical Centre and the Kinloch Rannoch Post Office (at The Country Store) and loan copies available from The Shed Galery.


For more information, please email us: projects@ourrannoch.co.uk